A Complete Glossary: 50 Real Estate Terms from A to Z

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Real-Estate Vocabulary Words for Giving Up and Losing. – Prepare for your real estate license exam by studying the precise meanings of words used for property that’s conveyed or transferred voluntarily – through a number of means. Property can also be lost involuntarily through the forces of nature, law, or the government. And finally – in fact, very finally – property is usually transferred [.]

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Here at Real Estate Words, you’ll find a detailed and precise definition for any real estate term. Every person working in real estate or planning to buy or sell real estate can benefit this resource by using our free real estate dictionary. This dictionary of real estate terms is one of the most extensive in the industry and is used by many:

PDF Commercial Real Estate Glossary – www.nar.realtor – Commercial real estate Any multifamily residential, office, industrial, or retail property that can be bought or sold in a real estate market. Common area For lease purposes, the areas of a building (and its site) that are available for the non-exclusive use of all its tenants, such as lobbies, corridors, and parking lots. (Real Estate

What do auction terms mean? Auction.com provides you with a large glossary of property auction terms and descriptions. Check here for property auction info!

Real Estate – Vocabulary List : Vocabulary.com – A vocabulary list featuring Real Estate.. Activities for this list: Practice Answer a few questions on each word on this list.

A to Z of real estate terminology – Domain – A to Z of real estate terminology. Elicia Murray Mar 4, 2016. facebook.. In real estate terms, this is a tax levied on profit from the sale of an investment property (not the family home.

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