A third of all empty homes in Europe are found in Spain

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Spain has 1.36 million empty properties for sale claims new study. SPI article by SPI News Feed .. Built in the boom but never sold homes on the spanish coast. home sales, mortgage approvals, and consumer confidence are all recovering, but there’s still the problem of the glut concentrated.

Valencia is a charming city and one of the oldest in Spain. It is the third Spanish city in terms of importance and population, and the 15th in the European Union. Valencia is on the Mediterranean Sea, approximately four hours to the south of Barcelona and three hours to the east of Madrid.

Flats in Spain. Typical house in the suburbs of Spain. Flats in Spain are all the same. but they vary from north to south. Flats have triangular roofs so that the snow falls off easily. cite page typical houses in Northern Spain.

Le Caprice, exclusive residential of Taylor Wimpey of Spain, includes only 14 houses in which the light and the design is protagonist. Enjoying a new luxury home at the Westin La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa is a privilege within reach of very few people.

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With its empty streets, bricked-up shops and deserted playgrounds, the sprawling residential development of Sesena has become a ghost town and a desolate symbol of the collapse of Spain’s property market. Less than a fifth of the properties in the town are occupied Photo: AP. The promised infrasture has long been abandoned Photo: AP.

Spanish government data laid bare the extraordinary scale of the country’s crisis, with figures revealing there are now 3.4 million empty homes – 30 per cent of Europe’s vacant properties.

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