Don’t fall for backdoor proposal to move Miami-Dade’s UDB

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Meet the UDB 2014/04/14 by Matthew Toro in Governance + Politics , Land Use , Maps + Geospatial , Population , Transportation . As a constantly changing urban region, greater metropolitan Miami must reconcile the seemingly opposed pressures of population growth and real estate development with environmental conservation and municipal.

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City of Miami Gardens Development Services – Building Division 18605 NW 27TH Avenue, City Hall, 1st Floor Miami Gardens, FL 33056 . 305-622-8027 Fax 305-626-4220 . PERMIT REQUIREMENTS FOR WINDOW AND DOOR REPLACEMENT

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Commissioner Sorenson was also the only Commissioner in December to sustain Mayor Alvarez’s veto to stop transmittal of the applications to move the UDB. Katy Sorenson has wholeheartedly embraced the SFRPC’s mission:

On the one side of the UDB: suburban housing developments and shopping centers. On the other: farmland and large-lot houses. Gimenez is appointing environmentalists and developers to the task force, which will only look at areas designed to be brought into the UDB zone if Miami-Dade ever chooses to move the line.

Police in Miami say they believe they have recovered all the bodies of victims in a catastrophic bridge collapse on a busy highway. Juan J Sanchez, Miami-Dade police chief, told news media late saturday night that they had recovered all five bodies of people in vehicles crushed under the pedestrian bridge at Florida International University that collapsed Thursday.

A lucky United Way of Miami-Dade Facebook follower will win a $100 gift card, to grant their favorite older adult a Golden Wish. This social. Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo to headline the 18th Annual United Way Women United Breakfast.

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