On your side? Nationwide hacks 0.5% off savings rate for children

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Just found browsing Nationwide’s site and under the Support tab on the intro page there’s a piece called Bank of England Base Rate Change Savings | Nationwide Flexclusive Regular Saver is staying the same as are a few others but many variable rate accounts whilst not specified will have their rate cut by 0.25% on 1st Septmber.

What you may think is missing in this letter is a proper explanation as to why Nationwide has taken a whole 0.5 per cent off the rate of a savings account for children.

On your side? Nationwide hacks 0.5% off savings rate for children. thisismoney.co.uk – Simon Lambert for Thisismoney.co.uk. Nationwide is ‘on your side’, or so it likes to tell us. Despite that slogan, it doesn’t appear to be on the side of my six-year-old daughter, as the.

Congress Eyes New Way to Allow Cannabis Banking, DC Sales Bill co-sponsored by U.S. Representatives in Colorado, Washington and Alaska would allow banks to serve cannabis businesses without fear of federal penalties The Cannabist/Apr 27, 2017/Alicia Wallace Marijuana businesses can’t openly bank and congressman Ed Perlmutter, D-Colo., is hoping to change that.

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“U.S. employers added a robust 263,000 jobs in April, suggesting that businesses have shrugged off earlier concerns that the economy. The Dow jones industrial average rose 135 points, or 0.5%, in.

Flipboard: SIMON LAMBERT: Nationwide says it’s ‘on your side’ so why has it hacked 0.5% off a savings rate for children? The Mistake-Proof Guide to Home buying. insider tips for a flawless home purchase. In First-Time Home Buyer Buy Your First Home in One Year: A Step-by-Step Guide The ultimate timeline ensures the smoothest of transitions.

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