Poor Digital Sales Begins with Weak Content on Banking Websites

Bank of America might want to change its name to Digital Bank of America.. The Charlotte, N.C., megabank is more digital bank than conventional financial institution today. That’s because 60% of the bank’s "sales" are "all digital now," Brian T. Moynihan, Chairman and CEO of Bank of America, told investors yesterday.

Today digital sales starts when consumers web search for their financial needs. Every step in the process can gain or lose the sale for you. The post poor digital Sales Begins with Weak Content on Banking Websites appeared first on The Financial Brand.

There is Yin and Yang, Black and White, Hot and Cold and unfortunately.Good Design and Bad Design. Since there must be a balance in the Universe, good design can`t exist alone. Below you can see 20 examples of very bad web design. PS: I`m really sorry if you are a owner of some of these websites, but hey: consider this free advertising.

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Banking consumers have different needs and they access information in different ways at different times during their digital. of your website will prove key to winning new business. “If your goal.

While a website build is no small project, standard best practices suggest that you should consider a refresh of your website design every three or four years. To help get you started on ideas, the team at SilverCloud has put together a list of our top picks for the best bank website designs.

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