RBA’s Lowe: Not unreasonable to expect a lower cash rate from here

Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe says it’s not unreasonable to expect more rate cuts – and has called on banks to pass the full cut on to their customers.

The answer here is that the Board has not yet made a decision, but it is not unreasonable to expect a lower cash rate. Our latest set of forecasts were prepared on the assumption that the cash rate would follow the path implied by market pricing, which was for the cash rate to be around 1 per cent by the end of the year.

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Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe says it is "not unreasonable" to expect that interest rates will get cut further this year, although no decision has been made. "Much will depend on how the evidence evolves, especially on the labour market," Mr Lowe said in a dinner speech to the business community on Tuesday night.

Dr Lowe. more cash. "These firms are effectively saying to their shareholders, ‘here, you manage the money, as we do not have investment opportunities that satisfy our internal rate of return.’ "On.

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RBA’s Lowe: Not unreasonable to expect cash rate lower from here, Aussie holds steady The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor Phillip Lowe is on the wires now, making a scheduled speech at the rba board dinner with the business community.

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Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe is delivering a speech in Brisbane right now saying the bank is poised to slice official interest rates. In a speech to the Queensland branch of the Economic Society of Australia in Brisbane, Dr Lowe said without a cut in interest rates it was unlikely the bank’s forecasts for lower [.]

"Are interest rates going to be reduced further? The answer here is that the board has not yet made a decision, but it is not unreasonable to expect a lower cash rate," Dr Lowe said. Mr Plank said he.

In a speech late on Tuesday, RBA Governor Philip Lowe said it was "not unreasonable" to expect a lower cash rate from here, signalling the door was wide open for further easing. A major setback in.

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Rate decision was not in response to deterioration in outlook since May. Easing aimed at spurring jobs growth, lifting inflation. Rate cut is to lead lower AUD than otherwise would have been the case.

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