Spooked by the vote? Keep calm and read on

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White House attempts to calm ‘spooked’ Wall Street following Trump’s attack on the Fed. convened a call with a working group of regulators who aim to keep financial markets running smoothly.

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Like those old World War II posters from the period of the London blitz, it’s simply time to keep calm. Andrew Packer is a Senior Financial Editor with Newsmax Media. He currently writes the Insider hotline investment advisory, serves as investment director for the Financial Braintrust, and is managing editor of Financial Intelligence Report.

Read More: SPAIN REACT. Sanchez said the best way to calm tensions after an illegal independence referendum is to talk about granting Catalonia more autonomy, though he’s ruled out an official vote.

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She is strikingly calm, given what she says happened to her. She said she would give her MPs a free vote on no-deal. But she was equally clear that she would keep pushing her twice-rejected deal..

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 · In the national vote beginning April 11, voters will get to pick "None of the above," or Nota — a button at the bottom on electronic voting machines after the list of candidates.

 · There was a lot of that irrationality on Friday which of course was a direct result of the ludicrously overoptimistic mark-up in prices going into the vote. Hopefully we will never listen to a.

A chance conversation with the parents of an inmate of a Texas prison confirmed what I had read. So why are we imprisoning.

Yet against all odds, deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharif seems determined to keep it standing. Today’s coverage from Post correspondents around the world Like Washington Post World on Facebook and.

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