Summer is here, so sit back, relax and rethink your finances

Sit back, relax and taste for yourself why one of the highlights of a peninsula visit is the food.. Burgers, Prime Rib, Seafood and so much more! Eat Here. Anita’s Coastal Caf. Rethink your notion of pub food-and bring your appetite. Sunday Brunch. Eat Here.

Protesters gather outside governor’s mansion to protest higher education cuts Springfield CBS 3 5pm: "WE RISE" Protests Swarm State Capitol. – Pop-up child-care center due to the budget cuts for childcare, 1,500 person march in Springfield, and a funeral for the 99% outside the governor’s mansion.

Summer is here and that means weekends spent poolside drink in hand. Relaxation is life this summer, right? So where does your career fit in? We’ve had a rash of you coming to us via email and social media, asking how to get your career groove on while summer is begging you to ignore your [.]

Here’s the good news: Your brain can recover from common types of trauma like a concussion, according to the Lancet Commission report.. or go for a short walk for a minute or two before sitting.

US stocks steady but trade war fears linger, despite GDP data Oil Higher On Feclining U.S. Stocks, But Trade War Worries. – Oil higher on declining U.S stocks, but trade war worries linger oil prices are small better bid after U.S inventory reports showed a bigger-than-expected decline in crude stocks, although concerns that the Sino-U.S trade war will trigger a global economic downturn is capping gains.

If you’re like me, you’d like to simplify your summer finances. After all, summer is the time to relax a bit more, spend extra time with family and friends, and maybe even indulge in a little getaway.

Sixty and Me is a community for bold and fearless women who are excited to be 60 years old and want to create a new lifestyle – independent, healthy and fina.

Sit back & relax – When you have a precious coffee table you (or your guests) may not feel at ease putting your feet up on the table, but with an ottoman you can sit back and relax while you watch an entire season from start to finish on Netflix.

A toaster once nearly set Elizabeth Warren’s kitchen on fire. Here’s why the story sticks with her. At this point, you have to ask why. of her BEST friends! Your brother was somewhat of an "odd duck," what today I would describe as a bit "eccentric." We were friends in the neighborhood (at least.

(Family Features)–If you’ve ever opened your closet doors and been depressed by what you see, it may be time to rethink your closet. In fact, according to a One Poll survey on behalf of ClosetMaid, 57 percent of women admitted having an organized closet would make finding what they’re looking for faster and easier while 3 out of 10 said an.

Summer is here, so sit back, relax and rethink your finances The holidays are a perfect time to check on the state of your savings, mortgage, spending and tax allowances Hugo Cox

40 Ways to Get Back in Shape! 1. Be SMART With Goal Setting 2. Mark It On Your Calendar 3. Get Up From Your desk 4. choose On-Demand Videos 5. Take The Long Way 6. Fuel Up for Better Fitness 7.

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