Swiss ditch Libor as rate reference

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Switzerland's central bank said Thursday it was dropping Libor as a reference in setting interest rates in another blow to the scandal-plagued.

reference interbank offered rates, or IBORs, with the london interbank offered Rate (LIBOR) being the most widely used IBOR. However, as a result of significantly reduced volumes of interbank unsecured term borrowing and an increasing reliance on expert judgment to set the IBORs, there is a regulator-led push

The abolition of the Libor as a rate of reference affects a great number of products in the financial industry. In Switzerland, the Libor is due to be replaced by the Saron (Swiss Average Overnight), an average rate published daily. While the Libor is based on what bankers’ register, the Saron will be based on real interest paid.

In a change, the SNB said it was introducing its own policy rate in place of using the three-month Libor rate as a reference point in making its decisions. The -0.75 percent policy rate is unchanged and corresponds to the rate on commercial bank sight deposits at the SNB.

In Switzerland, the National Working Group on Swiss Franc Reference Rates foresees the Swiss Average Rate Overnight (SARON) as the Swiss solution.

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rate; the current point target is 0.25 percent, as shown by the dashed red line. As seen in the exhibit, three-month swiss franc Libor has almost always remained within its target bands and, at least until the eruption of the global financial crisis, has typically been very close to the point target.

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LIBOR examples. For example, if the terms on a $25,000 personal loan are based on a six-month LIBOR of 2.5 percent, plus a spread of 2.5 percent, the interest rate on the loan would be 5 percent for the first six months. If the LIBOR rate increases to 4 percent after six months, the interest rate would adjust to.

Libor is a global benchmark interest rate that underpins the terms of $500 trillion of contracts from mortgages to the cost of corporate lending, but has been discredited after a number of banks.

 · ”From today’s point of view, the SARON as a reference rate is the main focus of the Swiss franc money market,” it said, referring to the Swiss Average Rate Overnight for secured loans.

Beginning life as an interest rate for syndicated loans, it has grown significantly in stature over the decades; with its.

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