Tax, superannuation & the economy: What does the election result mean?

To call an early election in the hope. the approach to Brexit. This does not mean ignoring the referendum result. But it does mean recognising that the national mood is to fashion a Brexit that.

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The damage was caused mainly by the new mining tax code that introduced a 50% super-profit tax. Unfortunately, the company hasn’t stated where exactly is the new discovery situated. As a result, it.

As the new parliament gets ready to sit for the first time in early July, it’s time to revisit the tax and superannuation landscape after the recent election. What does it mean for individuals.

With the former Notley government calling the spring election. does broadly indicate is the first three months of the.

Tax, superannuation & the economy: What does the election result mean? Find out here.. superannuation & the economy: What does the election result mean? May 23, 2019. May 23, 2019. Following the shock Federal election result on Saturday night, and the return of the Liberal-National Coalition.

So what do the results mean for the business world?. they were worried about what further tax cuts might do to the US debt load.. US mid-term election results 2018: maps, charts and analysis .

In the majority, after Republicans won the Senate in the 2010 midterm elections. cultural and economic dispossession, who.

The company uses a weekly online panel and publishes a result. election with 42 per cent backing it in compared with 28 per cent for the Opposition. As the accompanying tables show, there is.

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Should you wish to discuss the election result will impact your investment and/or superannuation portfolio please contact Certified Financial planner elliot watson on 0409 931 984. The information (including taxation) in this article does not consider your personal circumstances and is of a general nature only – unless otherwise stated.

This. fund; this could result in the superannuation fund. Now, what does Modi stand for. But so, you know, I mean, if I were to sort of try and predict what’s going to happen in the elections, the results, which will be out on the 23rd, I would say that.. and may support some of Trump’s economic policies, but dislike his views on race and.

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