Tenants may be offered ‘buy as you go’ ownership

You can agree on a purchase price now, or on a standard for purchase, such as FMV as evidenced by appraisal (be sure to spell out who pays for appraisal). Tenant goes along paying rent as usual, and at some point within the year, at their discretion, they are able to get a commerical mortgage and buy the property. You may want to give them.

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What Do You Do If a Tenant Refuses to Vacate? – Each tenant is different. Each issue presents different circumstances. Only you can decide how to handle your particular situation, including whether you need legal advice. If things do not go well,

Joint Ownership of Property – Selling your share – news. – Joint Ownership of Property – Selling your share. It is easier to draft the joint ownership agreement before the you buy the property so that your intentions are clearly stated and agreed at the out as these may change after you purchase.. then you are tenants in common..

Ten Landlord Legal Mistakes to Avoid – FindLaw – A landlord must take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of tenants from other tenants and from criminals that enter the property. If a tenant sustains physical or property damage after a landlord becomes aware that the property is unsafe, an injured tenant may be able to sue and recover compensation from the landlord. 5. Refusal to Make.

How Much Should a Landlord Pay a Tenant to Move Out of an. – How Much Should a Landlord Pay a Tenant to Move Out of an Apartment?. landlords offer tenants with rent control cash to leave so they can either re-rent the place at a market rate or sell the apartment to buyers.. if you have a rent-controlled apartment and the landlord wants to buy you.

What happens if one co-owner wants to sell the property and the other doesn’t? "You can buy the co-owner out of his or her share of the property, then sell the entire thing as a whole.

Does Jointly Owned Property Go Through Probate? – Lawyers.com – Adding a joint tenant makes the new owner an equal and true owner of the property. Legally, he or she will have the same rights in and control over the property as you do. And if the new owner has money troubles, creditors may be able to reach his or her interest in the property. If you want to create a joint tenancy, see a lawyer for help.

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