Your financial planner: What the Fed’s interest rate policy means for you

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But what estate planning means to you specifically depends on who you are. Your age, health, wealth, lifestyle, life stage, goals, and many other factors determine your particular estate planning needs. For example, you may have a small estate and may be concerned only that certain people receive particular things.

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The Fed has held policy steady since its March meeting, content to. the second half of the year, and interest rates for financial products you use. A rate cut at the next meeting is by no means an inevitable conclusion.. “Many millennials are skeptical of the market,” said Dallen Haws, a financial planner based in Arizona.

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Estimate the future cost of an item based on today’s prices and the rate of inflation you expect. Required Minimum Distributions. Estimate the annual required distribution from your traditional IRA or former employer’s retirement plan after you turn age 70.

Credit Card Rates. In fact, credit cards typically charge 15 percent to 20 percent interest – and sometimes higher. Credit card interest rates are tied to the prime rate. If interest rates go up, so do credit card rates, which can increase the amount you’ll pay in interest if you carry a balance on your cards.

Deliberately keeping a balance on credit cards means paying more in interest than might be necessary, often with high.

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Many consumers are still unaware of how these rate hikes will affect their finances down the line, so here is a basic primer on how the fed rate hike will change your finances-and if you need to change your financial strategy. What does a rate hike mean? When the Federal Reserve increases interest rates, it means they think the economy is.

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The services you provide to clients will often come down to the distinction between two of the most common titles in the industry: the difference between a financial advisor and financial planner.

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